The Heartwarming Tale of a Stray Kitten’s Journey to Finding Love and a Home within a Large Family

The little tabby was overjoyed to finally have a loving family after being rescued from the streets. Unfortunately, her sibling didn’t survive and their mother was missing. But now, she’s found a new home with a caring family who will take good care of her.

A little kitten was taken to the Humane Society of Otter Tail County in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, when she was only a few days old. According to Jenny, one of the shelter’s foster volunteers, it is unclear what happened to the kitten’s mother and siblings. The director of the shelter fed the kitten with a bottle for a short time before Jenny took over as a foster parent when the tabby was approximately 10 days old.

Jenny decided to call her kitten Fergie, which was named after the location where she discovered it. The little Fergie weighed a mere six ounces but demonstrated a healthy appetite and a resilient will to survive. Jenny disclosed to Love Meow that she had fostered various newborn and neonatal kittens throughout the years, some of which were in dire circumstances when they arrived. She expressed a feeling of relief that Fergie appeared healthy and robust.

Despite experiencing some stomach problems, Fergie didn’t let that stop her from indulging in her favorite food and taking her medication with ease. While monitoring her daily for signs of dehydration due to her slower weight gain, Fergie’s resilience and the antibiotics helped her overcome her health issues like a true champion.

Fergie has shown remarkable progress in just a short period of time, displaying more energy and inquisitiveness. With Jenny’s exceptional care, the kitten is on track to reach the important 8-week mark with flying colors. Despite this, Jenny admits that her worries only subside once her foster kittens reach this milestone. Nonetheless, she remains optimistic about Fergie’s future as a healthy and joyful feline.

Despite being the hungriest kitten I’ve cared for in a while, Fergie is still small enough to fit snugly in my palm. She loves to make herself heard and will meow constantly for attention whenever she’s awake. Fergie is starting to become more adventurous, and isn’t afraid to interact with other animals in the household. She’s even taken a liking to playtime with some of the resident cats and dogs, showing her fearless side.

My feline friends have taken a liking to Fergie and are becoming fast pals. One of my cats, Gray, enjoys playing the game ‘find the kitty’ and tapping Fergie when she’s cozy under a blanket. Fergie is a lively, self-assured, and charming little one who enjoys being held close to your chest for gentle pats after her bottle, according to Jenny of Love Meow.

It’s pretty obvious that the little furry one is going to rule the roost once she finds her new family. I’m completely smitten with her- she’s got me wrapped around her cute little paw! Fergie has formed a close bond with Freddie, the resident cat who takes kindly to her. He doesn’t seem to mind sharing his throne either, which is really sweet to see.

Fergie, who is only five weeks old, may be small in size but her personality is far from it. Despite her petite frame, she possesses a strong character that is hard to miss. The little furball is so tiny that she fits comfortably in one’s hands. However, she has yet to reach the one pound mark, but with some effort, it shouldn’t be long before she does.
Although Fergie is taking some time to wean off her bottle, there’s no cause for concern. Each kitten has its individual pace when it comes to weaning and Fergie is no exception. It’s clear that she adores being held and cuddled, but she can’t seem to resist the urge to request some milk at the same time.

Jenny expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to foster a wonderful kitten and give her lots of love until she’s ready to be adopted. According to Love Meow, the kitten is truly a treasure.

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