The Heartbreaking Plea of a Chained Mother Dog to Keep Her Last Puppy

Sergey reached out to Love Furry Friends Rescue regarding a small pooch named Busya, who was chained up and guarding a property.

The dilapidated house was encompassed by trash. Sergey implored the proprietor to bring back Busya, but he was absent and requested if the rescuers could arrive the following day. The rescuers agreed.

Upon the arrival of the rescuers, the owner of the dog disclosed that Busya, who was bound to a chain, had just given birth to four adorable puppies. Unfortunately, the cruel owners decided to dispose of all the females and only kept the male puppy. This act is utterly heinous and unforgivable. But as soon as one of the rescuers approached Busya, the dog felt a sense of comfort and relief.

Tears streamed down the woman’s face as she cradled her beloved puppy in her lap. She was afraid that the person holding him might accidentally hurt him. This little furball was like a child to her, and she would do anything to protect him.

After some convincing, Busya finally agreed to let the rescuer take both dogs to their car. The next step was taking them to a veterinarian for a thorough check-up. The rescuer was impressed with Busya and her pup, whom she affectionately named Buddy. If you want to know more about their heartwarming story and possibly adopt other dogs in need of a home, watch the video below.

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