She Waits by the Window, Paws Pressed Against the Glass, Begging Anyone to Give Her a Home

She Was 13 Years old And Has Found Herself Living Life At A Shelter After Her owner passed Away.

She was upset and very confused about this unexpected situation, but that didn’t deter Sienna, she was determined to find a new home, So she rushed up to the glass anytime anyone went by as if saying “pick me.”

She did this every day, pawing at the glass.

“pick me.”

We first wrote about Sienna here – “She Waits At The Window For Anyone At All To Take Her Home.”

It has been over a year now since Terri and Sienna first met. Back then Terri knew she had to try and make Sienna part of her family.Staff at the shelter can recall the first time Terri came to visit Sienna.

placing her paws on the window that separated the two and started her ‘dance’ routine. Terri reached out her hand to meet Sienna’s paw, and that was the last time she danced at the Tabby’s place.

It would seem that Sienna’s efforts at attracting attention have paid off in spades because Sienna, now called Chloe, is receiving all the love she can handle.

She is giving back in spades too of course.

“She is worth it. It is the small things…” Terri said.

Today Chloe is 14 years old. They just celebrated their one year anniversary of the day they found each other.

Chloe is living like a princess, and doesn’t need to beg for a home ever again.

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