Quasimodo the German Shepherd captures hearts with his unique hunchback, gaining a huge following online

An adorable stray dog named Quasimodo, with a unique hunchback due to short spine syndrome, has captured the hearts of many since finding his way to a rescue shelter. This rare condition has only been seen in 13 dogs globally, making Quasimodo a special pup indeed. Originally discovered in Kentucky, he has now made his way to a temporary home in Minnesota, where he has quickly gained a large following of supporters. With so much love and attention, it seems likely that Quasimodo will soon find a forever home of his own.

Hunchback: Quasimodo (pictured) has short spine syndrome, which left him with an unusually short frame

Quasimodo, the hunchback depicted in the picture, suffers from short spine syndrome, causing him to have a uniquely shortened stature.

First photos of Quasimodo taken at Secondhand Hounds showed a reserved and slightly scared pooch

Quasimodo taking a moment to become adjusted to his new surroundings

Nervous: The initial pictures of Quasimodo at Secondhand Hounds revealed a timid and apprehensive dog.

Quasimodo after a bath

The four-year-old German Shepherd is said to behave more like a puppy than a grown up dog

Quasimodo, a four-year-old German Shepherd, has a reputation for behaving more like a puppy rather than a mature dog. This adorable pooch currently resides at Secondhand Hounds, a non-profit animal rescue in Eden Prairie, MN, where he has captured the hearts of many. Despite his challenging past of being raised in a kennel and spending time in a shelter down south, Quasimodo is now living his best life. The shelter staff affectionately named him after the famous Disney character from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. X-rays reveal a twisted and gnarly spine, causing severe compression of his internal organs. Despite his unique appearance, Quasimodo still boasts a full-sized head and legs, making him one special pup.

Lovable: Quasimodo cuddles up to Rachel Mairose, founder of Minnesota dog charity Secondhand Hounds

Adorable: Quasimodo snuggles close to Rachel Mairose, the visionary behind Secondhand Hounds, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs in Minnesota.

Friendly: Quasimodo is friendly with other members of staff as well as he snuggles up for a kiss (pictured)

Warm: Quasimodo gets along well with his fellow staff members, often cozying up for a friendly kiss as captured in the photo.

Famous: Adorable photos of Quasimodo (pictured) has gained him legions of fans on Facebook this week

Quasimodo, the lovable pup you see in the picture, has become a sensation on Facebook this week with his adorable photos attracting a huge following of fans. Dr. Susan Miller from Mission Animal Hospital in MN was amazed by Quasimodo’s unique condition, comparing it to spina bifida in humans and speculating that it may be a genetic defect or the result of inbreeding. Despite planned surgery to help him, there could still be complications down the line. Despite this, numerous offers to adopt Quasimodo have poured in, in part due to his popular Facebook presence.

Taking a moment: Quasimodo holds still as he goes into an X-ray so that doctors can sleuth his condition

Pausing for a moment: Quasimodo remains motionless as he undergoes an X-ray, allowing healthcare professionals to investigate his condition.

Compressed: X-ray of Quasimodo shows that his spine is twisted while his organs are compressed together

In the X-ray image of Quasimodo, it is evident that his spine is contorted, causing his organs to be tightly pushed together.

Long-term: Although Quasimodo will be having surgery to improve his condition, he still could have complications in the future

In the long run, despite the upcoming surgery for Quasimodo to improve his health, there could still be potential complications down the line. Secondhand Hounds sparked interest in the four-year-old dog with a short video shared on Facebook, garnering over 100,000 views. A page was quickly set up to update followers on his journey at the shelter, accumulating close to 15,000 likes within just two days. While offers for adoption have been flooding in, potential adopters will have to be patient. Rachel Mairose explained, “He may undergo surgery as soon as Monday, pending confirmation from the surgeon. Our main focus right now is on getting him back to full health, so we have put adoption on hold as we already have numerous requests lined up.”

Rare: Quasimodo's unusual condition, short spine syndrome, is thought to affect just 13 dogs in the world

Uncommon: Only 13 dogs worldwide are believed to have short spine syndrome, a unique condition similar to Quasimodo’s.

Hunchback: The four-year-old German Shepherd (above) has virtually no neck but a full-sized head and legs

Hunchback: This German Shepherd, who is four years old, has a unique physical feature – a neck that is almost non-existent, but with a head and legs that are full-sized.

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