“Meet Luhu: The Adorably Gloomy Cat Taking the Internet by Storm”

After undergoing a surgery, Luhu the cat was left with big, melancholic eyes. Maggie Liu’s feline companion has become an internet sensation with over 73,000 followers on Instagram. Although Luhu’s forlorn expression is endearing, it wasn’t a natural trait. As a kitten, Luhu had eye infections that necessitated a significant procedure, impacting his vision and causing him to widen his eyes while focusing. Nevertheless, Luhu continues to captivate people with his distinct characteristics and affectionate nature.

PHOTO: Luhu was born August 12, 2012.

Luhu, an adorable and one-of-a-kind feline, was born on August 12, 2012. His owner, Maggie Liu, decided to create an Instagram account for him with the handle @lanlan731. Luhu’s distinctive appearance has caught the attention of over 73,000 followers on the platform. While Liu anticipated some interest in Luhu’s cute looks, she is still taken aback by his fame. Initially, Liu only intended to share pictures of her cats for fun on Instagram, never expecting Luhu’s popularity to skyrocket.

PHOTO: Luhu has two brothers named Barher and Bardie.

Maggie Liu is a happy cat mom who owns a trio of tabby cats, and one of them is the adorable Luhu. Luhu has two darling brothers, Barher and Bardie, who all get along famously. Liu shared that her feline family is super sociable and never gets into any tiffs. While Liu could easily gain fame for her furry brood, she prefers to showcase Luhu’s escapades exclusively on Instagram. Liu loves her pets like her own children and hopes they stay fit and healthy while living with her for as long as possible.

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