Incredible tale of survival: A German shepherd’s journey from Oklahoma to Texas after his owner’s passing

After his owner’s passing in Oklahoma, Gunner, a German shepherd, miraculously survived for weeks in a backyard pen before being rescued. Thankfully, Gunner has now found a new loving home with his extended family in Texas. It was a close call for Gunner, as authorities found him on the brink of death when they discovered his deceased owner’s remains on May 14. The poor dog was stuck in a large pen in the backyard, and veterinarians believed he only had a few hours left to live when he was finally found.

Gunner, a rescued German shepherd, has found a new home with his late owner's family after surviving for weeks in an outdoor pen in Oklahoma

Gunner, a German shepherd who was saved from a tough situation, has been welcomed into the loving home of his deceased owner’s family. Despite enduring weeks in an outdoor enclosure in Oklahoma, Gunner has now found a safe and comfortable place to call his own.

Gunner is pictured two weeks after he was rescued last month

Gunner is pictured at his new home in Texas this week

Gunner is shown in a photo taken two weeks after his rescue last month (on the left) and in his new Texas home this week (on the right).

Gunner was on the brink of death when the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office discovered the remains of his 64-year-old owner in his home on May 14

Gunner’s owner was found deceased in their home by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, and Gunner himself was found barely clinging to life. The poor pup had managed to survive by drinking rainwater and scavenging for whatever scraps of food he could find. When discovered, Gunner was severely malnourished, his muscles wasting away to the point where he struggled to stand, and he was infested with thousands of ticks and fleas.

The sheriff’s office reached out to the Bella SPCA Rescue Center in Oklahoma City for help, and Gunner was rushed to Woodlake Animal Hospital for urgent care. In critical condition, Gunner was in desperate need of medical attention to help him recover from the ordeal he had been through.

Deputies believed the 64-year-old had been dead for as long as a month while Gunner was trapped in a 'large pen in the backyard'

Sheriff’s deputies suspected that the 64-year-old had passed away about a month ago, leaving Gunner stuck in a spacious enclosure at the back of the property.

According to the department's Facebook post, the dog survived by drinking rainwater and finding small amounts of food that were left behind

The dog managed to stay alive by drinking rainwater and scavenging for scraps of food that were left behind, as per the department’s recent Facebook update. Bella SPCA took care of the dog’s medical expenses using donations and has been posting regular updates on his recovery on their Facebook page.

The Bella SPCA Rescue Center in Oklahoma City has been sharing updates about his progress on its Facebook page

The Bella SPCA Rescue Center in Oklahoma City has been keeping everyone posted on Gunner’s journey to recovery through their Facebook page. As of June 7, Gunner had put on 29 pounds and was making great progress. An update on June 14 shared the news that Gunner had found a new home in Texas with his late owner’s extended family, who found comfort in his presence after their tragic loss.

According to Bella SPCA, Gunner’s previous owner lived out of state and was very fond of his German shepherds. The heartwarming video posted by the rescue center showed Gunner leaving with his new family, which brought his later owner’s niece to tears. She expressed her gratitude to everyone who contributed to Gunner’s recovery, as it allowed her to bring her uncle’s beloved dog home and promised to take excellent care of him.

In a heartwarming video documenting Gunner's departure from the rescue center, the deceased's niece thanked everyone who helped her bring her uncle's dog home

A touching video capturing Gunner’s farewell from the rescue center was shared by the deceased’s niece. She expressed gratitude to all who played a part in reuniting her uncle’s beloved dog with its new home.

Gunner is now settling into life in Texas with his new owners after leaving the rescue center

Gunner is now settling into life in Texas with his new owners after leaving the rescue center

Gunner has happily adjusted to his new life in Texas with his loving owners since his departure from the rescue center.

The German shepherd also has a new sibling that he is getting acquainted with

The German shepherd has a new furry sibling that he is getting to know. A few days later, Bella SPCA posted before and after pictures of Gunner to showcase the remarkable improvements he has made in just one month. The first photo captured Gunner two weeks after his arrival at Woodlake Animal Hospital, while the second one showed him happily exploring his new backyard. The rescue center gushed about the difference they could see in Gunner’s eyes, stating that he has finally found his forever home. The sweet boy still has a lot of growing and healing to do, but the rescue center promised to keep everyone updated on his progress as he continues to flourish with his new family.

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