How a Brave Pit Bull Overcame Severe Burns and Found Happiness.

Justice the Pit Bull is not your average dog, as he possesses a unique charm that sets him apart. Despite not fitting the conventional standards of beauty, Justice has a special quality that makes him one-of-a-kind. Unfortunately, Justice had a difficult beginning to his life that was not his fault. He suffered from abuse and was left for dead, yet he managed to survive and find his way to the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter. There, he finally received the love and respect that every dog deserves. Nowadays, Justice is thriving and proving to be a fighter against all odds. Nevertheless, he still hopes that those who abused him will face justice for their heinous actions.

In 2018, a stray dog named Justice was found wandering the streets of India with severe chemical burns that seemed intentional. Despite the cruelty of his injuries, Justice miraculously survived on his own for a short period of time. He was rescued by a shelter that immediately provided him with medical attention and bandages to promote healing. Over time, Justice’s skin began to heal and some of his fur grew back, although he will never look exactly the same as before the incident. Nevertheless, the shelter staff fully accepts Justice for who he is now. Interestingly, Justice has gained worldwide admiration and love from people who appreciate his unique beauty.

Veterinarian Jessica Lynch reports that Justice, a previously unhappy and unremarkable dog, has undergone a remarkable transformation after receiving a year’s worth of medical attention and training. He is now a joyful and energetic pup, ready for adoption. Despite receiving interest from many people across different states and countries, the shelter is only accepting applications within a 100-mile radius due to the vets’ desire to remain close to Justice in case he requires further treatment in the future.

Justice, the adorable puppy who won hearts at the shelter, has found a new home and is thriving. His new family frequently updates his fans on social media about his new life, and it’s clear that Justice is enjoying every moment of it. Despite a difficult past, Justice is now in a secure and loving environment where he can flourish.

Training Justice was a challenging task due to his difficult past, as he would often act stubborn and resist commands. However, with the help of a skilled dog trainer named Lexi, Justice became much more manageable over the course of a year. As time went on, Justice grew fond of Lexi and now only has one more training session left with her. In his forever home, Justice is becoming more comfortable and affectionate towards his new family. He even enjoys requesting belly rubs, which shows that he trusts his humans and knows that he is safe with them.

The animal shelter in Shelbyville/Shelby County has been working tirelessly to find the person responsible for the abuse of Justice, a dog. To bring justice to the poor animal, the shelter initially offered a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the conviction of the perpetrator. The amount has since increased to $20,000, showing the importance of holding those accountable for animal cruelty. Although the case remains unsolved, the shelter has received numerous anonymous tips that have brought them closer to identifying the abuser. One lead identified a person who used to own Justice, then known as “Roscoe.” However, it is difficult to determine the truth of their statement without concrete evidence. Despite their efforts, the shelter continues to face challenges in bringing the abuser to justice.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter if you have any information about what happened to Justice. The person responsible for hurting him should be held accountable for their reprehensible behavior as soon as possible.

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