Heartbreaking Tale of a Mama Dog Abandoned at Shelter During Complicated Labor, Losing All 21 Puppies – A Reminder of the Struggles Faced by Animals in Need

As reported by ilovemydogsomuch, a mommy dog who was expecting was left behind at the Boone Area Humane Society with no one to care for her after being in labor for an entire day.

After an emergency C-section procedure, she experienced two instances of coding. Luckily, her condition was eventually stabilized after receiving a blood transfusion. She was closely monitored in Iowa State’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s ICU.

The Boone Area Humane Society posted on their official Facebook page and mentioned that the veterinarians at ISU informed them about the dog’s condition. It was revealed that the dog is already a senior and has previously given birth to several litters of puppies. Instead of living a peaceful life, the poor dog was forced to breed and left behind when it experienced difficulties during labor.

A mother dog recently gave birth to a whopping 21 puppies, but unfortunately, none of them survived despite the best efforts of veterinary professionals. The puppies were found to be underdeveloped and it was impossible for them to receive proper nourishment while residing in the womb alongside 20 other siblings.

Ruthie, the mama dog, is making progress each day. She’s now able to eat independently and even get up to go outside. Her personality is lovely, and she’s been released from the hospital to live with her new foster family, where she will continue her recovery. However, the Humane Society is working hard to press charges against the person who left Ruthie to endure such pain. It’s a difficult task due to the inadequate animal protection laws in Iowa.

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