“From Stray to Snuggles: How a Feline Found a Home and Heart in College”

Once upon a time, a little kitten who was saved from the cold on a college campus, decided to seek out affection and care with her newfound lease on life.

purrito kitten

Ginny, who is dedicated to TNR rescuing and fostering, recently received an urgent call regarding a kitten that required her immediate attention. Cafeteria staff at the college had come across the kitten while disposing of waste and noticed that it was limping. Upon further inspection, they found the kitten hiding amongst the rubbish, motionless and unresponsive. Fearing for the kitten’s well-being, they reached out to Ginny for help. When Ginny arrived, she discovered that the kitten was severely undernourished, felt cold to the touch, and was barely able to react to her presence. The kitten lay in its carrier with half-closed eyes and shallow breaths.

kitten in blankets

On a chilly day, a helpless kitten was found outside a college cafeteria, shivering with cold. Ginny (@poetheblue) came to the rescue instinctively without any hesitation. She sprang into action and took measures to bring the kitten’s body temperature back to normal by wrapping him up in warm blankets and keeping him close to her with a heating disk and heater within reach. Not only did Ginny take care of the kitten’s physical needs, but she also showered him with love and comforted him with soothing words. Though the outcome was uncertain, Ginny remained optimistic and determined to provide the kitten with all the warmth and affection he deserved.

kitten stays warm

When Ginny stumbled upon the cat, he was in a near-death state. She took it upon herself to nurse him back to health by providing warmth through blankets and heat sources. She affectionately named him Westley, after a character from the Princess Bride movie, who also made a recovery from a dire situation. Ginny’s gentle touch and care resulted in the cat’s purr gradually increasing in intensity, indicating that he was on the road to recovery.

kitten wrapped in blankets

Eventually, he started feeling more energetic and decided to have a meal to satisfy his hunger. @poetheblue, known as Ginny on the platform, shared how she lifted the tiny creature’s head and carefully examined him. After assessing that he was in a stable condition, she took the initiative of feeding him. To her delight, the creature gobbled up all the food, which gave her hope that it would survive.

sweet tabby kitten

Ginny was filled with relief and happiness as Westley pulled through the night and even managed to eat his food without help. This was a moment of great joy for her since she had been worried sick about his survival. As Westley went to sleep, he was enveloped in warmth and love, which made him feel safe and comfortable. For those who wish to witness the cuteness of this kitten, there’s a YouTube video available featuring Westley in action. The next day, Westley woke up feeling much better, and a visit to the vet revealed that he was around seven weeks old. Additionally, the underlying cause behind his limping was identified.

sweet tabby kitten

Ginny, the person behind the Instagram account @poetheblue, recently provided an update on Westley’s condition. According to her, the feline is showing significant improvement as he can now walk with better ease and strength. However, it was discovered that Westley suffered damage to his Lumbar 7/Sacral 1 vertebrae spinal column, which could potentially impact his mobility. Nonetheless, the veterinary team advised against surgery and suggested that Westley be restricted from engaging in strenuous physical activities. There were also concerns about his ability to use the litter box on his own, but the determined cat proved everyone wrong by facing the challenge head-on.

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Ginny, popularly known as @poetheblue on Twitter, recently posted a delightful update on her furry feline friend, Westley. The cute tabby had recovered well and was now confidently walking around and checking out his surroundings. He was a quick learner and had no trouble finding the litter box, proving his strength by using it effortlessly. Ginny was thrilled with Westley’s progress and couldn’t help but share the good news with everyone.

beautiful tabby kitten

Ginny’s foster kitten, Westley, has achieved a major milestone by learning to use the litter box on his own. His love for food has caused him to gain some extra weight. Westley also adores cuddles and would purr endlessly whenever his foster mom gives him attention. It’s amazing how his personality has transformed in less than a week, turning him into an affectionate and cuddly companion.

Ginny, an avid cat enthusiast using the username @poetheblue, derives immense joy from showering her beloved feline companion Westley with cuddles and pets. According to her, Westley yearns for attention so much that he vocalizes his demands with meows whenever she stops caressing him. This adorable behavior only motivates Ginny to give him more love and care. In addition to this, Ginny shared that Westley is currently in good health, exhibiting a hearty appetite and gradually becoming more at ease with humans. In fact, one of the people who initially found Westley has expressed interest in adopting him. It’s a delightful conclusion for this fortunate kitty!

tabby kitten westley

As soon as Ginny walks in, Westley can’t wait to get some love and attention. He happily rolls onto his side, hoping for some affectionate scratches and cuddles. One can easily see that he is absolutely thrilled to have a warm and comfortable home, delicious food, and plenty of snuggles whenever he wants them.

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