“From Fear to Furry Friend: How One Woman Helped a Timid Mastiff Overcome Her Anxieties”

A pair of individuals have been taking turns to sit outdoors with their frightened foster dog for half a day over several weeks. Despite the prolonged effort, the outcome is definitely worth it.

Upon arriving home with her foster mother Jodi, Kristin was filled with fear. Jodi and her family had been fostering for a decade, and despite their vast experience, they had never encountered such a damaged dog as Kristin.

Kristin spent the whole day standing alone in a corner, avoiding any interaction with others. Jodi decided to give her some space and placed some food and drinks nearby. They also reassured Kristin that they meant no harm and were just there to help. Jodi and her spouse took turns spending up to 12 hours a day outside with Kristin, making sure she felt safe and not alone. After weeks of this routine, they finally made progress and Kristin was ready to move into her own home. Jodi couldn’t hold back her tears of joy at this milestone.

Jodi recounted how she observed Kristin’s trust in their home grow as she realized it was a safe haven for her. However, they still had to put in some effort to make her feel completely comfortable as she would often run to the bathroom corner. But after about a month or two, Jodi started feeling more at home in their new abode and craved the company of her new family. The family was ecstatic when Kristin finally rose from her cozy bed and approached Jodi’s husband for some love and affection.

Jodi expressed how grateful they were for the positive change in Kristin’s life. Not only did she have a loving human foster family, but she also had a new pack of furry friends who either lived in her foster home or came and went as fosters. According to Jodi’s website for fostering, Kristin had a traumatic past and came from a home where abuse was present. Kristin was one of four mastiff siblings who were rescued from deplorable conditions that resulted in charges for severe cruelty and neglect. Thanks to the efforts of rescue organizations, Big Dogs Huge Paws (BDHP) was able to save four of the five mastiffs, with the fifth being taken in by another rescue. All four of them are currently in foster care and will be up for adoption soon, as Jodi explains.

Kristin’s siblings were also struggling with emotional problems, but Jodi has shown that love can heal everything. Thanks to Jodi’s love and care, Kristin became like a new puppy full of joy and affection, which was what she deserved all along. Although Jodi planned to put Kristin up for adoption once she recovered her health, Kristin has become an official foster failure because Jodi and her family decided to keep Kristin as a permanent member of their family. Watch the video below to learn more about Kristin’s story and share it with your loved ones.

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