Frantic Pooch Seeks Mother’s Aid in Dark Hours, Desperately Pleading for Her Assistance

The Brussos adopted their furry friend Duke from a shelter located in Portland, Connecticut. Although Duke was initially unhappy with his living situation at the shelter, he eventually found his forever home with the Brusso family and became the perfect companion for them.

After six years, Duke found a way to express his gratitude towards Brusso in the most heartwarming manner possible! Recently, the family welcomed a new addition to their clan, a little baby girl named Harper. As soon as Duke met his sister, he became fiercely protective of her. One night, while everyone was asleep, Duke suddenly barged into his parent’s room and refused to leave their bed. He was trembling and wouldn’t obey any commands. It took a while for his mother to realize that something was amiss.

Duke accompanied his parents to the nursery where they discovered a nine-week-old infant who was not breathing. The family rushed the child to the emergency room, and a doctor was able to save Harper’s life just in time!

After checking on his sister and confirming she was breathing fine, Duke’s nerves settled down. The family couldn’t help but feel scared at the thought of what could have happened if Duke hadn’t alerted them in time. They are incredibly grateful for their little hero, who doesn’t even realize he saved the day.

Our hope is that Duke’s story will encourage individuals to open their hearts and homes to these brave and affectionate rescue canines.

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