“Feline Finds Treasure in Attic: Adorably Clings to Beloved Plush Toy”

A cute little feline was discovered in the attic, and it seems to have developed a strong affection towards a plush toy. This adorable kitty simply cannot resist taking its favorite object along everywhere it goes.

A kind-hearted individual stumbled upon a scrappy stray kitten while up in the attic of their workplace. Unfortunately, no mother cat or other kittens were present. The person brought the feline home and attempted to care for it, but soon realized that the little one required more attention than they could provide. Without delay, they contacted the nearby animal rescue organization, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, and arranged for the kitten to receive proper medical attention. The rescue staff affectionately named the kitten Loom. Upon arrival, Loom was severely malnourished, displaying stomach problems and weighing a measly 360 grams at the age of five weeks. Celine Crom, a member of the rescue team, shared this information.

The tiny feline was famished, parched, and promptly brought to the animal doctor for treatment. The vet administered some fluids, medicine, and lots of affection to the kitten. Due to his frail condition, he needed assistance to consume food to prevent further weight loss. Nevertheless, Loom made an effort to stay alert and aware of his surroundings, feeling grateful that somebody was taking care of him.

The baby cat was raised by his foster parent who took care of him every two hours without a break and also kept him warm with a heat source. The little one slowly regained its strength after receiving intensive care for 48 hours and began to eat independently. To avoid loneliness, he was given a cute toy as a friend since he was the only kitten in the house.

Loom instantly fell in love with his plush toy and wouldn’t go anywhere without it. He would playfully fight with it, try to groom it, and doze off beside it. As he began to eat from a bowl like a grown-up cat, his beloved companion was always there, seemingly encouraging him.

According to Celine, Loom has become quite a sociable and friendly cat. He enjoys the company of both humans and other cats. His inquisitive nature makes him interested in anything that catches his attention. Whenever he comes across a tote bag or a paper bag lying on the floor, he jumps in it without any hesitation.

Loom is a highly energetic cat who loves trying out new tricks and activities. He particularly relishes the thrill of scaling up to the highest point of his cat tree. Since he arrived, Loom has undergone a remarkable transformation. Nowadays, he enjoys taking in the sun’s rays and observing other cats play outside through the window.

Whenever exhaustion sets in, he loves to plop down beside his cuddly buddy and drift off to dreamland. The sensation of sinking into cozy layers of blankets with his beloved plush toy brings him immense joy.

Loom is quite the cuddler and loves to snooze by his humans. He also happens to be their loyal shadow, as he follows them around wherever they may go. After they finish their shower, Loom gives them a thorough sniff to make sure everything is in order. Whenever he’s searching for his owners, he emits the cutest little chirps to get their attention.

The once homeless cat that used to live in the attic has transformed into a joyful feline who now enjoys the comfort of being an indoor pet. He is always accompanied by his soft and fluffy companion and is adored by numerous individuals who find him simply irresistible.

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Reference: lovemeow.com

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