“Electricity Couldn’t Stop Able the Cat: His Inspiring Journey to Recovery and Resilience!”

In Thailand, there’s an exceptional cat that has gained quite a reputation as the “kangaroo cat” due to its remarkable way of getting around after enduring an intense electric shock that resulted in the loss of both front paws and its tail. Able, the brown and white feline, has demonstrated remarkable resilience by learning to adjust to its new condition and hop like a kangaroo to move around. The unfortunate event took place in Chiang Mai when the cat accidentally touched some loose wires.

Able, a brave cat, didn’t let his disability hinder him from living a normal life despite losing his front paws and having his tail burnt due to a loud noise that seemed like an explosion to those nearby. Able’s remarkable recovery was possible thanks to the tender care he received. This event occurred when Able was only one year old.

Able, a feline who is now three years old, was found stranded in an alley after being involved in an accident. A 49-year-old resident named Walai Sriboonvorakul took care of Able and nursed him back to health. Able is now back in good health and has learned to navigate stairs, chase other cats, and use a particular jumping technique that resembles a kangaroo’s. Two years later, Able is thriving and happy.

Ms Sriboonvorakul shares that Able is an extraordinary cat, capable of doing anything like his fellow animals. Able’s name was given to him because of his remarkable talents. However, his life took a tragic turn when he suffered from electrocution due to wires. The sound of the explosion was deafening, and the electrical shock was so intense that it caused Able’s legs and tail to separate from his body.

At first, Able faced a lot of difficulties and his wounds caused him a lot of pain. However, he quickly adapted and can now stand and balance on his hind legs with ease. He is incredibly strong and agile, able to move up and down staircases effortlessly and playfully chasing other cats by bounding like a little kangaroo. He can even jump high onto walls and ledges! Once he was taken in by his family, he was showered with love and plenty of food. Although he’s allowed to wander the garden and outdoor areas, he tends to attract unwanted attention from other strays and often hops back home for safety. Due to this, Able’s family keeps him indoors at all times. Able’s favorite thing to do is run up to his “big brother” Copter’s bedroom every morning to wake him up. According to Copter, Able is an essential part of their family and they treat him just like any other cat. Despite the loss of his legs, Able has found a loving home where he is cherished and lives a great life.

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