Captivating Maine Coon Felines: Behold the Splendor of These Gentle Giants in 30 Stunning Images

Are you someone who has thought about having a lion as a pet? Well, if you have then you should consider getting a Maine Coon cat instead. These lovely domesticated felines have long, beautiful fur that surrounds their face like a big cat’s mane, but they are much less aggressive. In addition, they can grow up to four feet in length, making them a majestic addition to your home. Photographer Robert Sijka was mesmerized by this regal species and decided to capture their big cat vibes in stunning portraits that showcase their budding beauty, from cute kittens to fully grown felines.
It is not surprising that Sijka has two passions in life: photography and Maine Coon cats. Luckily, these two interests go hand in hand and were the result of a move he and his family made to China 14 years ago. As time passed, he and his family started to miss the company of animals, which has always been a part of their lives. They fell in love with Maine Coons, and his wife Izabella began a breeding program eight years ago.
After their first litter of kittens was born, Sijka knew that these adorable creatures needed to be shared with the world. He explains, “I think that my journey with photography began at that moment. I decided that my pictures had to be unique, just like Maine Coons are. After taking thousands of photos, I found my current style and gained great pleasure from working with these amazing animals.”
Photographing any animal can be challenging, and cats present an additional obstacle – they won’t stay still! Sijka has no magic formula but instead has two tried-and-true methods for capturing endearing images: lots of practice and plenty of patience. He has many opportunities to hone his skills, especially since he and his wife now have a cattery called OtiCami that houses 20 Maine Coon cats and kittens.
Sijka sells his work as prints, phone cases, blankets, and more in his online shop, the Felis Gallery.

Living with 20 felines in his family’s cattery, known as OtiCami, grants him ample chances to improve his abilities.

Coming soon: More photos showcasing the delightful Maine Coon cats.

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