Canine Heroism: Dog Saves Two Girls by Confronting Puma at the Cost of its Own Safety

Introducing Morocho, the heroic Dogo who valiantly fought off a puma to save two young girls. This legendary canine displayed incredible bravery in his daring rescue mission.

A few months back, Ulises – the grandson of the inventor, Dr. Nores Martines – embarked on a journey to La Cocha for some errands. Accompanying him was his 10-year-old daughter, Sofa, and his goal was to finish all the tasks and return home the same day. The journey was uneventful, and upon arriving at the estancia, Ulises got to work with the foreman, Tomas. Meanwhile, Sofa and Yoli, Tomas’ daughter, asked for permission to pick some figs from a massive fig tree located 700 yards away from the main house. Yoli, being well-versed in the art of fig-picking, climbed up to the highest branch to get her hands on the tastiest figs. However, she soon realized that she wasn’t alone in the tree when she heard the rustling of leaves and snapping of branches around seven feet above the ground.

Completely unaware, she had no idea that a puma, also called a cougar or mountain lion, was concealed in the tree alongside her. Suddenly, she looked up and was shocked to witness a massive puma jumping down from the uppermost branches. The animal struck the young one with a paw, causing Yoli to plummet from a height of two meters and land flat on her back.

Ulises’ beloved dogo, Morocho, had been happily trailing behind them as they traveled across the expansive estancia. His tail wagged in excitement, as it usually did when they embarked on these journeys. However, when Yoli and her friend began to cry out in fear, Yoli’s father sprang into action. Morocho immediately sensed danger when he came face to face with a vicious puma, but without hesitation, the brave Dogo Argentino selflessly decided to risk his life to protect the young girls. Tomas Bracamonte, Yoli’s father, heard their cries and rushed to their aid, not realizing the true danger until he arrived. “I thought it was just a snake,” he stated, “but when I saw the situation, I acted as quickly as possible.”

Upon his arrival, he stumbled upon Morocho who had sustained severe injuries but was still breathing while Puma managed to escape. The two young girls are alive today thanks to the heroic act of Morocho, which has left a lasting impression on millions of people worldwide. We must express gratitude to these fur angels who watch over us all! Please feel free to share this wonderful story with your friends.

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