A Generous Mutt: A Stray Dog’s Habit of Bringing Presents to His Daily Feeder

There are some individuals who hold a deep love for animals and dedicate their lives to saving them. Orawan Kaewla-iat, a compassionate Thai woman, is one such individual. In her community, she is renowned for feeding stray dogs that loiter around her home. One of these stray dogs is an adorable puppy named Tua Plu, who has a peculiar way of showing gratitude to Kaewla-iat. Every day, Tua Plu brings a gift to her in appreciation of her generosity. These gifts are usually objects that he finds interesting, such as a leaf or a piece of paper, and he carries them in his mouth until he reaches Kaewla-iat’s doorstep. Although some locals humorously suggest that Tua Plu is attempting to exchange gifts for food, nobody knows the true intention behind his actions. What remains certain, however, is that this puppy is clever and absolutely delightful!

Kaewla-iat’s Facebook post featuring Tua Plu became an instant sensation, garnering numerous adoption requests for the adorable dog. Thankfully, Tua Plu and his mother have found a new home where he can continue to showcase his unique talents during mealtime. Don’t miss out on watching the heartwarming video of Tua Plu below!

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