A forlorn maiden left to wither in a barren meadow, swarmed by an army of ants

Pitiful Animal Phoenix has been identified as one of the top 5 worst rescues by the team. The situation was dire when Phoenix was discovered, lying all by herself in a desolate meadow with a frail body.

Her feet were covered in a multitude of creepy crawlies, with swarms of ants feasting on her flesh. The pain was unbearable, leaving her unable to stand up and move. Despite her cries for help, she lay there on the pavement, unnoticed by those around her.

The rescuer was baffled by the indifference of humans towards a melancholic dog. Without wasting any time, the rescuer cleared the ants off Phoenix’s body and offered her some food, but she refused to eat. The rescuer then carefully placed Phoenix in the car and drove straight to the hospital.

Upon her arrival at the hospital, the medical professionals promptly assessed her condition and suggested that she may have a pelvic fracture and cancer. In addition, she was experiencing severe hypothermia, malnourishment, and anemia. Fortunately, Phoenix underwent two tests, both of which yielded negative results, providing some relief.

Initially, medical professionals administered drugs and serum infusions to manage body temperature. However, they later resorted to the more permanent solution of using blankets and heat instead. Unfortunately, it appeared that Phoenix had suffered nerve damage which left her incapable of regulating her actions and often experiencing seizures.

Phoenix had spent two months in the hospital, and it was only now that the nurse was able to give her a shower. The dedicated team of doctors were doing everything they could to support Phoenix during this challenging period.

It’s been three months since we rescued Phoenix, and we’re overjoyed to see how far she’s come. She’s thriving – healthy, happy, and absolutely stunning. Most importantly, she’s living the life that every pup dreams of, and we couldn’t be more proud.

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