“16 Wild Feline Cubs Born at Siberian Zoo, Prepare to be Charmed!”

These cute little critters, known for their stunning blue eyes, are playing a vital part in conservation initiatives aimed at safeguarding their population.

16 adorable wild cats born in Siberian zoo

The Novosibirsk Zoo in Siberia recently made a thrilling announcement on VK.com, stating that they had acquired 16 wild kittens earlier this month. The newborns were divided into three litters, but their exact dates of birth remain undisclosed. Tatyana Pevneva, the head of the International Cooperation Department at Novosibirsk Zoo, revealed that three female cats gave birth in June, with one having three kittens, another having five, and the third having eight. These kittens are Pallas’ Cats (Otocolobus manul) and were born with striking blue eyes that will gradually transition to green and yellow as they develop. Although these adorable creatures are being closely monitored by zookeepers and veterinarians, their future is unclear due to their young age.

The Novosibirsk Zoo is home to two charming kittens who are enjoying their playtime in their enclosure. These delightful creatures belong to the Pallas’ Cat breed, which has been successfully bred at the zoo since 1995. The zoo sends these kittens to various zoos worldwide to support international and European conservation programs. Thanks to the zoo’s efforts, Pallas’ Cats that originated from Novosibirsk can now be found in different countries like France, Switzerland, Austria, and Great Britain.

Breeding Pallas’ Cats in captivity is a challenging task, with a high mortality rate. These felines typically inhabit rocky deserts and semi-arid regions that stretch from Central Asia to Mongolia. Unfortunately, this species is endangered due to habitat degradation and hunting for their fur.

The Novosibirsk Zoo is currently hosting a Pallas’s Cat family consisting of a loving mother and her two delightful offspring that have captured the hearts of animal enthusiasts. According to WWF records, there are only 12,000 of these cute cats in their natural habitat in Russia. Moreover, at the end of last year, there were only 30 of them in different zoos across the country. The zookeepers have revealed that although the kittens sometimes explore outside of their home, they tend to shy away from strangers, such as visitors. However, the staff has also observed that the kittens are showing signs of growing confidence, indicating that chances of sighting them may be increasing.

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